A collection of personal projects I’ve worked on.

  • 2024-01-14 | Mnemo

    A tiny CLI app to help with memorising short texts

  • 2023-10-14 | Interoperating Rust with polars

    Implementing the Levenshtein string metric in a Rust interop method.

  • 2023-10-12 | Swim-free

    Made to help people swim outdoors

  • 2023-04-24 | Pomodoro on the command line

    A basic pomodoro timer in Rust

  • 2022-05-17 | Direct Lambda resolvers for GraphQL

    Designing a GraphQL API in AWS AppSync using direct Lambda resolvers

  • 2022-01-03 | Intro to type hinting in Python

    An introduction to type hints in Python and using mypy to check types

  • 2021-11-11 | Icecream on the blockchain

    Let's take ice cream reviews and put them on the blockchain. Of course that's necessary.

  • 2021-08-23 | My new website

    Writing the second iteration of my website with Tailwind, Hugo, and lots of patience

  • 2021-08-15 | An inverted index to serve quotes

    Exploring data structures, infrastructure-as-code, and serverless

  • 2020-03-15 | A thousand miles

    A fun website spurred by a lockdown walk

  • 2018-06-15 | How far can I go? An isochronic map

    Travelling with the tube makes how far you can go much more interesting than walking

  • 2017-06-01 | Identifying Chinese calligraphy with neural nets

    Applying computer science to an art form